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Sodium Potassium Pump

Background / History 
Most people who make revolutionary discoveries do not live long enough to see thier work actually benefit the masses.  Even though Nicola Tesla was one of the most revolutionary scientific thinkers in history, he was cut out of the history books!  Over 50 years after he died (1-07-1943) the History Channel's 'Modern Marvels' spotlighted the truth about his work for the first time on public television!  This is also long after grass roots movements to publish the true history in books as well as video on YouTube.  This is not uncommon for those who have gone up against the 'status quo'.  After doing a YouTube search, you may be amazed to find how many people believe that Tesla also knew how it was possible to give everyone 'free electricity through the air'.

Just as others had studied atlernating current (AC) prior to Nicola Tesla, without understanding the significant uses, others had done research on the minerals ATPase as an enzyme.

We are not quite sure where Google's got their information on the subject, (it is also still incomplete), however they did recognize that the term 'sodium-potassium pump' was left out by Skou:
'Skou published his findings.  However, in his paper he was wary of identifying the enzyme with the active ion movement, so he left out the term “sodium-potassium pump” from the title of his paper.  Indeed, he seems only gradually to have realised the importance of his discovery, and he continued his studies on local anaesthetics.'

Perhaps Skou further realized the significance because of the work of Dr. C. Samuel West in the 70's which clearly pin pointed the significance?

Dr. C. Samuel West was given the 'teacher of the year' award every single year for the 7 years he taught chemistry, which is very unusual for a chemistry teacher (it's nominated by the students).  He discovered what he called the 'Sodium-Potassium Pump' while he was teaching chemistry and then lectured in 200 cities per year, for 17 years on the 'Sodium-Potassium Pump', (as part of the 7 Golden Discoveries), without charging for admission!  He always gave credit to Dr Guyton for the 'Dry State', H S Mayerson & Cecil K Drinker (blood proteins leaving the blood stream), Jack Shields (deep breathing activating lymph vessels), Decker & Indians (energy ball technique), etc., etc., for their contributions.  Giving credit where credit was due had clearly been a high priority to him and he would never ask for credit for any of it anyway, because he said the credit belonged to God and that it was God who gave it to him.  Yet he did make some great contributions that he deserves due recognition for.

Nobel Prize Nominee — Dr. C. Samuel West, DN, ND, PMD*,
Chemist and Lymphologist

• Dr. C. Samuel West is the Father of the Sodium Potassium Pump, since he discovered it and was the first person in the world to name it the Sodium-Potassium Pump and also the first to call it the 'Electric Generator' of the cells.  This electric generator maintains the delicate sodium potassium balance and gives all cells the POWER to work.

• In 1979 in Italy Dr. C. Samuel West first attended the International Congress of Lymphology.  He and his work were honored at this congress and he was then accepted as the 379th member of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL).  Further proof is that Dr. Arthur C. Guyton heard Dr. C. Samuel West talking about the 'Sodium-Potassium Pump' at the 1979 ISL Congress and in Guyton's next textbook he said, "The Sodium-Potassium Pump is an electrogenic pump becasue it generates electricity every time it pumps.  Dr. C. Samuel West didn't publish until

• In 1980 Dr. C. Samuel West then wrote the Two Basic Formulas for Life and Death at the cell level, along with the 31 Step Equation for a step-by-step scientific explanation of these two basic formulas in detail.

• At the 1981 International Congress of Lymphology, in Montreal Canada, Dr. C. Samuel West presented the Formula For Life, the Formula For Death, and the 31 Step Equation detailing these formulas.  These formulas along with the 31 Step Equation were totally accepted, without debate.  These formulas make it possible to learn the cause of pain and disease in simplicity, which is priceless!  These formulas are based upon the Soduim-Potassium Pump which he had been teaching about in 200 cities per year!

• In 2003 Dr. C. Samuel West’s work was honored as he was a Nominee for four prestigious Nobel Prizes, including the Nobel Prize in Chemistry which was awarded for research done on the Sodium Potassium Pump - which Dr. C. Samuel West discovered!  Again, the Sodium Potassium Pump generates the POWER for all cells to work.


Those with a similar vision to Dr. West's have been invited to team up with us, as Ambassadors for Health and Peace and/or Health Missionaries, and educate others.

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