Learn what activates your regeneration processes

If you can understand the process, you can perform the miracle. 


Listen to a Lymphologist explain the diagram below and the importance of the lymphatic system.

Top – Blood Vessel (Capillary)

Middle – Body cells

Bottom – Lymphatic Vessels (Cappilary)

Left – Only enough fluid to fill the spaces around the cells – and that is all!  A Negative/Sub Pressure Cell Enviroment

Right – Trapped Blood Proteins create Excess Fluid, (Swelling or Inflammation), Excess Sodium, Lack of Oxygen
Decreased Negative/Sub Pressure to Positive Pressure After Six Gallons (or much, much less, if not evenly distributed).

This Research Reveals
You have blood vessels going throughout your body, (positive pressure system, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your cells).  You also have a set of negative/sub pressure lymphatic vessels going side by side the blood vessels.  The main purpose of the Lymphatic vessels is to maintain and establish the perfect negative/sub pressure living environment of the cells.  The sub pressure lymphatic system, removes excess fluid so the cells can get the oxygen and nutrients from the blood.  Only the lymphatic vessels can perform this function of maintaining the healthy, sub pressure environment of the cells.  Again, the lymphatic vessels accomplish this by removing the excess and trapped blood protein and excess fluid/water from the spaces around your cells, in every organ and every part of your body, so all the cells can get oxygen from the blood stream.  This is a fundamental  key, making it possible for your cells and body to function properly, so you will be free of pain, loss of energy and disease.

Life Saving Research
Now that you can learn how the blood proteins cause pain, loss of energy and disease, you can also take steps of prevention by living the Correct Principles, as well as learn how to activate the lymphatic vessels to reverse the effects of excess and trapped blood proteins and water around the cells, to eliminate pain, loss of energy and disease.  This research clearly has the ability of helping to save millions of lives, including your own, but only if you will learn and apply it.

Try it Yourself

You’ll never know what you can accomplish as far as what the actual results will be, until you put the principles into  action for yourself!

If the genius of invention would reveal tomorrow the secret of immortality, of eternal beauty and youth for which all humanity is aching, the same inexorable agents which prevent a mass from changing suddenly it’s velocity would likewise prevent the new knowledge, until time gradually modifies human thought.

Nicola Tesla

Learning, made easy.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.”

Hosea 4:6

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